The boy cat named Debbie

We are dog folks.

The boy cat named- Debbie

Did I mention we were dog folks, and then there was Debbie.
The cat was named Casper. Which I thought was funny enough, being it’s black.
Then very randomly our 2 year started calling him Debbie.
My husband called him Oscar just to be annoying & Sarah (my sister) calls him Charlie just for the heck of it.
The cat's name is Debbie. We have said it so much because it's hilarious and this boy cat that's in a house full of people that highly dislikes cats now has a very womanly name.
He's grown on me. I kind of like Debbie on some days. I think we'll keep him-poor Debbie.

There's no explanation- I think Debbie did it.

Seriously, we went to the dollar tree the night before and purchased lots of crafty things including the pipe cleaners. I usually do a quick clean up before going to be and walla woke up to this! FYI- I'm sure the cup was already on the floor.

Ahh debs.

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