Burlap no sew curtains

My burlap ran me about $1.98 a yard.
I bought 5 yards because I always go over board like that.

These curtains were inspired by my moma.

Cut your burlap to the length you like- add about 2 feet to roll up, if you're going for that look.
Fringe the edges so you don't have that- I just cut that look.
Cut the string. I bought the expensive 10 cents a yard kind.
I'm not even telling you how many yards of that I bought! :)
Remember you have to double the string or ribbon that you get.

The gold clips are a pain to sqeeze but you can do it!
As you can see, I went with the gold rod and hooks - they were the cheapest.
I didn't want to spend a great deal on something that could end up in the garbage.

Lay string down, then material, roll up bottom, then bring string up to meet top. At this point burlap material should be sandwiched in between strings.
Clip together and hang.
Waaalaaa, just made the cheapest curtain known to man.

These curtain work for me.
 I'm pretty casual and so is my home.
If you're all fancy smancy, I'd probably opt for something else
-but I love them on the door.
I may try some in the dining room next week.
 After all, it's about to be painted beach blue.

P.S I did the dining room. Love it.



  1. Hi Mandy,

    I love these curtains! Well done. I've been looking for burlap curtains ideas...and came across your blog.

    Emily @ UpstateCountryHouse.com

  2. Beautiful! I love burlap - the texture, the way the light shines through it and maybe best of all - the smell! Only hay and chaff rival the delicious, earthy smell of burlap.


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