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Well, I'm starting a blog and nothing seems to be going right. Maybe that means it's meant to be or maybe it means I'm a procrastinator, Nah. My laptop is acting crazy, similar to our dancing in the kitchen earlier, after all that amazing red velvet cake. I've been working on a few things over the weekend, crafts & cooking mainly. Guess I won't upload pictures anytime in the next few hours and be all serious like for my "first" awesome blog because "Great Adeline" (that's what my sister would say) if my camera didn't get soaked with water. Well, that's an understatement it was more like submerged in water similar to a submarine. So, I'm not prepared for this "blogging" journey but thought um gotta start sometime. So, here I am totally unprepared and I'm sure no one saw that coming. I'm a sinking ship in progress. That red velvet is so pretty-sorry I was sidetracked and somehow have crumbs on my shirt. Ah much better! Pictures to come with recipe. Of the cake not my shirt with the crumbs. -on a side note the little P.W. (layman's terms aka: pioneer woman) epidemic that's spreading over women in the world right now may have something to do with my obsession for meatballs, red-velvet & jalapenos latley-



  1. Love your blog! Hey, so funny! Guess what I bought for you yesterday at the grocery store? One of your favorite things! Can you say Bama? hahaha
    Get that creative brain of yours in high gear! I need lots of ideas!
    Love the background! Makes me happy!

  2. Seriously, that mayo is the best!


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