The pink fish that turned blue...

My blue fish...

I found this fish at Goodwill on one of my treasure searching adventures. It was pink then. I passed and thought geez that is hideous. Then while browsing in the candle stick and vase isle I thought, spray paint.

The key to thrift shopping is being open minded-

Buy some spray paint, have some fun!

I really love my blue fish. He sits on top of my cabinets and looks pretty. I think of the sun beaming on me while lying on the white sandy beach. He makes me happy. 

You can really take it up a notch and spray multiple colors.

What kind of spray painting adventures have you done lately?


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  1. Mandy you would be so proud of me. I spray painted my gross ugly wore out need to be tossed flower pots. Didn't want to buy new ones, so I had some green spray paint, but only one can, knew it wouldn't be enough so just lined up those pots and went to town. Then went back with some dark stain that I had and rubbed all over. Replanted my ivey. Planted some basil and rosemary. The ivey and basil are not enjoying living next door to hell but the rosemary loves it. Sorry about the H word but that's what my son-in-law says we live next to. I live in sunny Florida and I think he is so right about that! It's hot today! Hoping my plants survive to enjoy my pots I made pretty for them.


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