Sometimes change causes excessive heat....

There are times in life I find so humorous, well the after thought.
 Like- 2 years later this will be funny…

 On the glorious day I decide the housework can wait. All things can wait. Today I’m changing! O yeah, go me, I’m a super mom, I’ve got it all together- doing my mom dance! I’m having fun with these kiddos, enjoying every second of our day together, no complaining, nagging, housework or dreaded getting in and out of the car 50 times errands.

*Note to self: CHECK HEAT INDEX


We pack our picnic. Grab roller blades, hula hoops (we made last summer, I’ll make more and post the how to), soccer balls and off we go. You should remember, we’ve been in the air conditioned house all morning, where it’s cool.

I didn’t know, I just didn’t know what was coming, how could’ve I known?!

Note to self: Turn the TV on every few days, See what’s going on! News or weather channel would be a good place to start, anything but Nickelodeon or Disney would've done the trick.

 Its summer, it’s hot but I’m a Florida gal, the heat is in me, I love it! It’s never kept us from enjoying the outside. We go prepared with plenty of bottled water; it’s never been an issue before. Well, today it was an issue. We had record breaking heat, 106 degrees.
As we’re driving to our amazing park it’s amazing, we realize it is hot. The temp in the car keeps on a’truckin. The reader reached 113. We were scared. When it read 111 we all thought it was a sign. 111 what does it mean???  We were hot and we weren’t even there yet. We went, we drank water, we played, we drank water, we sweated, we drank water, we chased Cole, we sweated, we played, we drank water and yes, we had fun. Ok, we had about as much fun as one could have with 106 degree weather.

I look back on this very hot day- when all we wanted was a big tall glass of iced sweet tea and I’m actually very glad we went. It would’ve been easy to say, No, it’s hot, (I know I’ve done it before) let’s just stay home and do something here, boring. But we made memories and I spent quality time with my kiddos. We talked, we laughed, we made jokes of Aunt Sarah and her jean Capri’s, we threw water on each other-these are the things in life that are important. One thing about that day, we will remember it. We’re still recovering from our heat exposure. My sister probably would’ve rather not have had that quality time, I know she told me- she recommend we come back in October. I think it’s a good idea. October sounds refreshing. Of course, we could’ve opted for a cooler way to spend our time but that’s what my daughter asked to do and we made the very best of it.

Now this was funny- 106 and my sis is wearing  jean capri's....She was hot-she dealt with it pleasingly well. She looked cute. We laughed.

 The capris have gotten to her.
They are melted to her legs. I ruined all chances of her loving the outdoors ever again.

We didn’t eat our picnic.
 The little purse cooler didn’t really hold up well to the heat.

 We made memories.
It was a good day. 


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