warhead pops

These are so weird and fun! Of course my kids are in love with them and I've bought 3 packs already this week!! Can we say $ dollar store $. O yeah! Btw, I was in line and the cashier asks the lady in front of me, “would you like some bubbles"? Crazy lady with fancy shoes replies, how much are they???? -And yes, I chuckled out loud! Ok back to the warhead pops-they really remind me of these battles me and my brother would have as young wipper snappers (I love saying that, just try it, out loud right now! Whipper snapper, whipper snapper) -ok what I'm trying to say is, I always won the battles and could keep them in my mouth the longest and I didn't beat him at very much. Well, really nothing, I never won! So, when my daughter saw these at the dollar store, where everything’s a $1.00 they were a winner! They also sale these at Target.


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