Running update

So training for the half marathon is going good even though technically I don’t have a ticket and wasn’t able to sign up, see previous running post! 

 I’ve been beating myself up a bit, thinking I’ve not pushed myself this week. I was tired with a cold and took a couple days off then my son had a cold. I gave my cold to him I didn’t want it any more.

My running bud & I went for our early morning run and it was the best run we’ve had over the course of these few weeks! Met “Bob” a multi marathoner- he was awesome, his advice for us novice runners was encouraging! I still need a spot in the half! I want to run it again more than ever after our great run today and run it to be there for my friend! I can relate and know how amazing it is to have support and knowing there’s someone right there going thru it with you! 7 miles was today’s effort if we miss-calculated it was 6 miles! We will find out but I’m hurting so I’m sticking with 7!

J We have a lot to work on and get our focus on track but it was an amazing, encouraging and challenging run!
I am sore. It was worth it! I see a nap in my future.

 If you know anyone that has signed up for the St. Jude in Memphis and is unable to make it, PLEASE contact me!

Happy Saturday y’all and


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