Blogging triumphs, valleys and flatlands...

As many of you once were-

I am so new to this blogging world.


I have found- like with many things- this blog has been

* overwhelming


*down right frustrating


*time consumming


I have a perfect idea in my mind of how my blog should look and be- but somehow it never happens- quite that way.

So it's been awhile since I last blogged- haha awhile- as in months & months!


This weekend I thought- ok - I'm going to give it another shot!

As my lack of patience kicks in- I open the new layout...



I lose my page widget (not that I have anything in my pages yet) one shot that's all you get -I say to my blog. As though the blog would be sad to see me leave, so I torture it to behave and to make my "delightfully clever" blog perfect as I'm threating blogger- I will leave you and never come back!

Perfection anyone...?

It's my worst enemy- I'm my worst enemy!

I am in know way a "perfectionist" although my mother would disagree.

But... If I can't complete a task or project that comply with my expectation's -I quite, give up or simply move on to something else.

So I returned back to the blog even though yes it took me 2 days to realize my pages wasn't missing. I had clicked "do not show". I came back even though I don't have the slightest clue what a CSS code is! My layout is nothing close to perfect and my pictures are blurry and awful (here's a beautiful google pic for you to enjoy of God's perfect creation)! I'm clueless for now what should actually go in my pages and what topic I should stick with for my readers sake of course...(this is probably not it) I accidently erased my featured sites and I could go on on...I'm sure I'm not alone here!


But like I've been taught practice makes patience and creates permanent not perfect.


So what I'm learning- like many other things in life as well:

*be patient

*be consistent

*be not perfect :)

*be what God has intended for me

*dont judge myself by others success but be inspired by them


k- c ya next time!




P.S I know my grammars ridicously bad but why would I worry about when you are. No need in both of us being stressed. :)




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  1. Done is better than perfect! Trying to learn this. Working on all my UFOs.


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