Reflect back to our Italian Orange chicken recipe a few nights ago....

Yummy right!

Pictures taken not so pretty but the dish itself is so good!

I'm all about being as useful and frugal as I possibly can...

Since I was grilling the chicken - I figured - might as well go ahead and cook enough for another meal!

Frugal Tip

Plan meals according to sales

Notice the chicken & orange theme this week...

...Yep both on sale

*less than 10 min to prepare

*cook till veggies are tender!

*slice already grilled chicken (4 chicken breast), tomatoes, onions & garlic

*add one can of green salsa, zest of one orange (I also garnished with sour cream-yummy!!) & juice of 1 orange

....also a low calorie meal depending of your sides and serving size of meat.

Approx 375 calories for 2 tacos

Servings size 8 tacos




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