blueberry delight-

It's ok to bake from a box!
This is my favorite box muffin mix!
 This is my second and I can't tell to much of a difference. From Aldi's

Go by the directions on the box-and then you know we're going to change it up a bit
-ya ready?

I always replace the oil for butter-
 you don't have to they will still be yummy.
Butter keeps recipes from drying out and will stay moister longer!


You can also replace the water for buttermilk- I do it both when I have buttermilk.

add 1 teaspoon baking powder -for good luck :)

 Add one teaspoon cinnamon- if you Love cinnamon add 1 tablespoon
I don't love it so 1 teaspoon is good for me.
Add 1 1/2 teaspoons pure lemon extract!
This is why it's so yummy! Trust me-
The cinnamon flavors combined with the blueberries,
mixed in with some lemon- O yeah-
 now-while you're mixing if you have some helpers, butter and sugar your muffin pans.
 I wouldn't recommend if you're making these for company...
 but we weren't making them for company so it was allowed and laughed at...

 really this isn't necessary...
but neither is wearing shoes.
O wait- never mind!
Just eat the butter and relax-

 A good 1/4 cupful heaping over!

425* or go by the box
20 minutes

TIP: a friend shared with my hubby- Mix and put in oven before bed and set oven timer.
You will awake to fresh muffins and a marvelous smell!


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