My Blue Room-

My blue dining room is complete! Well, at least with the painting stage of it. The T.V trays are being worked on and I have something awesome in mind for a dining room table. All in due time. I had on my "list" to paint this dining room since we moved into our house in September. All of my friends have endured the dreaded "what color do you like" question and all the paint samlpes scatterd everywhere. I even painted a sample section of the wall coral. My hubby said it was pink. Blue/teal is the new color! Finally a project completed!

Dining room painted

Much like many days of mine- the day I decided to paint for some reason, I decided while I had the paint out I'd take care of some other projects- Didn't work. I didn't complete none of them. What I did succeed in that day was overwhelmingness that I put on my own platter. Yes, I upgraded to a platter that day. My plate was to small.

Lesson well learned. Do a few things right, well and enjoyable or do so many things you can't focus an any one of them and it turns out awful!

I was in the taping segment of this movie as I was getting ready to wet the paint brush I realized I had taped the dadgum wrong side. Well, that would've looked just plain stupid and I would have never heard the end of that painting story. The fact is, as I was taping I never thought about taping at all! It was totally not my focus! I was thinking how I needed to get Cole in the bath, fix his milk, what color would look good in the bathroom, making my list of groceries and school supplies in my head.

Once I gave Cole a bath, spent time with him, gave him his milk, tucked him in, quit planning for tomorrow and focused on my job at hand, it was much more enjoyable!

Yes I enjoyed painting at 2am. It was quit. It was amazing!

I realized, I have a bad mind set of- hurrying up to finish what I'm doing so I can hurry up and finish the next thing- I never enjoy much of what I’m actually doing because my focus is what’s next.

Despite the few spills and yells of, “hurry up and bring me a rag”, it went well.
Once I got my priority straight!
 I’m not a professional but the room is to my liking-

This made me be more aware of my devotion time. You do it because it's habit but are we really listening?
- think about that for awhile-

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