chicken noodle casserole

The question is are you a casserole kind of a person?

I personally love them, okay some of them, well, it depends who makes it. Well, I like mine.
I made this casserole for us. Of course my hubby was gone. That's why I made it. He's not a casserole guy, at all! Doesn't matter who makes it.

Try it for supper if you're a casserole kind of family.
How was it?
 Did you make yummy changes?
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  1. What's not to love about casseroles? You throw your stuff in a dish and bake it and you're done! BTW...I'm your newest follower. Good luck on your blogging adventures!

  2. Thanks! I'm with you on the casseroles LOVE THEM! If only my families taste buds were mature... :)


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