Not enough bonbons...

Calling all moms and women of the universe...
 I know I’m not the only woman that wakes up 30 minutes later than I think I should striving to be super woman all day. I'm actually hoping to accomplish all these task and projects that I talk myself into taking on.
Projects, task, cleaning out the fridge, painting some random things just because and trying a recipe out that just popped in my mind around 4 o’clock this morning and yes,
 I actually think I can do all this in one day.
I look at my teal painted hair in the mirror and my scabbed over knees (the knees are another story, did I mention my first name was Clumsy, Yep- Clumsy Mandy Strickland that’s me) at 8:40pm and realize I have too many unfinished projects lying all around, and this is just from today’s genius ideas.

Debbie’s food scattered on the stairs and the feel of cat litter attached to my feet as I wash my hands in the kids bathroom.
Did I mention, we’re not really cat people?
It’s been an adjustment but there he is, the boy cat named Debbie, climbing up the ladder with me.
He’s so kind wanting to help me get this dining room painted.

I tuck my sweet moma’s boy into bed, well he’s a moma’s boy till his dad comes in the front door then it’s “hasta la vista, baby”. So yes, tonight he is a moma’s boy because moma said.  I Pray out loud for God to keep him safe and hear him say, “amen” as he does every night and think,
 I was just here getting him up this morning.
I was sure right after breakfast, I was on my way to do all the laundry and have it neatly put up, organized and ironed. Then clean the pantry out so I could find the peanut butter, it’s missing again. Steam-mop the floor and paint the dining room. So far, I’ve cut-in the dining room, spilled some paint, tripped up the stairs- it was Debbie, the laundry well it’s still there and it smells, started a random casserole for dinner, nacho-taco (I’ll post recipe later) Then, I finally realize, I never had breakfast this morning. How did I miss that, really? Nope, didn’t have any. I’m going to eat breakfast, maybe that will help.

My point-we put so much on are plates, no really, my supper could’ve used one scoop less. I was overwhelmed with my task-I ate.
Really though, don’t you find yourself with these expectations for yourself?
No one sets these for us, we do it to ourselves.
 I’m thinking at this point what really is so bad about sitting around eating your bonbons everyday.
 Have you ever met someone that sits around and eats bonbons all stinkin’ day, they aren’t freaking out all the time or stressed or really even bothered that we talk about them sitting there watching their soaps, eating their bonbons? Just wondering? We all know that I’m too spastic for that to actually, ever happen.
 But maybe we should try and just tone it down a little.
Looking back on the day or I should say, many a days,
 I’d much rather get one task done
 and do it successfully, correct and not need new carpet- if we had carpet, I’d need some replaced after today or a lot of pretty rugs in all different shapes and sizes.  I’m not a professional painter.

Tomorrows task- eat breakfast.

Have a fantastic day
- do a craft-
-cook a meal-
 but most importantly
-enjoy your life!


  1. Oh sounds like a great day. I'm going right now and erase everything off my to do list for tomorrow! Because, I also did not eat breakfast this morning and think it's still in the microwave!

  2. I was curious if youve ate breakfast yet?

  3. Just wanted to let you know I ate breakfast today and I've been quiltng like crazy, trying to finish my UFOs and still in my PJs and loving it! Life is great. How bout you?


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