Chalk Board T.V trays-

The old ones...

...and the transformation-

 My daughter loves these!
She wrote my name all pretty.

What you need:
2 old preferably stained up and scratched TV trays
(I used my other two and did a picture top)

Spray paint to cover the old TV Trays.
 I used black.

 1 small can of chalk paint (Lowes)
or make your own in any color- I was lazy that day and bought mine!

I suggest using a small foam roller so you have a smooth surface to write on and it's not rigid like mine. :)



  1. I love the chalkboard look! Great idea for kids. I am a new follower! Glad I found your blog:)

  2. Thank you Karen!! I am so new to blogging and only been on here a couple weeks! Hopefully I will catch on quickly. Thanks for following!

    I have to admit I find myself doodling on the trays! :)


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