My love for thrift shopping-

I love thrift shopping- but those little folks that are usually tagging along with me don't seem to inquire the same passions. What’s up with that? Well, my mom had a fantastic idea and it worked, like a charm! Here it is, she told my 9 year old to make the best of it and make it fun. Sounds like simple advice we always say but by the end of the day- just because you mention the word "fun" it doesn't always in sure that fun will be had!

Mom precedes to tell my daughter as she was complaining about going to that store that I find "good" things at and I "will" always *LOVE* the "goodwill" to make it fun- Have a scavenger hunt! So, that's what they did. My sister and she made a list of 5 items ( by the way thank goodness for Aunts) to see who could find them first. Whoever won get to go to Jerry's sno cone! (Yes, that's the point we all get to go!)  It took them a while and it gave me plenty of time to look for my next project. Which I found may involve chalkboard paint! It was my best experience by far thrift shopping with the kiddos!


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