Raspberry -gag me- cobbler

You all know how I love to cook things up! Come up with new recipes, add a little this and a little of that and frankly most of the time it’s delish! I said most of the time-
 So here’s a recipe for ya... recipe is below…I mean way below.

Just keeping it real today because honestly this is most of our lives that we gals would consider normal!

You know that friend you have, every time you see her you think good grief, seriously, she’s dropped another 5lbs and looking smokin’. Then next time you all meet she’s whipped up some great dinner party without having to put an apron on and her kitchen mysteriously stayed spotless the entire time, her nails are neatly manicured she manages  to have her kids clothes ironed perfectly and her hair done everyday and when I say done I mean washed. All you can imagine is, can’t she just mess up one time? Come on she’s making us look bad! I promise she has, and she probably cried for days.

Aren’t there some days you actually try to pull it all off- try to be someone other than “you”? Trying to be “that” mom or “that” woman? Who are we trying to impress? Other woman by the standard they’ve set for other woman? Isn’t that what we do “lose our focus”? 

 I’ve come to realize there are days my nails will be chipped, judge me go ahead. My bed will not be made and yes, my children will walk out into this world with (gasp here)…wrinkled clothes. I have a junk room, junk drawers, at the moment a very junky laundry room. I’m waiting for the top of the dryer to cave in! A junk closet and at times very junked up floors!

It’s life.
 It’s my life and I love it.
I have a smelly Dog that I love and a boy cat named Debbie that’s really growing on me!
She purred, I liked it.

In the past I’ve looked at other “moms” and seriously believed they really had it all together living on Mayberry. Do you find yourself trying to mimic them or think you can do all they do, sometimes? Don’t do it, don’t even try, it’ll make you miserable, grouchy and yell at your hubs and he doesn’t deserve that. We are all made differently, with different character and talents. Use the one’s God gave you and quit trying to take someone else’s. I don’t have the talent for landscaping. I know. I’ve tried. It looked real pretty in my head. My husband really does have that talent, everything he does looks amazing. I know he can do it and it will be wonderful, so why would I even bother! Not to mention he needs to work on our front yard. J

I used to get so frustrated when I would do something and it didn’t turn out. I wanted to quit and would be so discouraged from one silly mistake. I find myself saying I just can’t do it. I’m not a baker or whatever the situation was. Well, we’re not perfect and praise the Lord we’re not because where’d the fun be in that! I do bake really good so why would I let a few mistakes stop me?

So remember there’s not a friend, woman or mom that is perfect or really has it all together!
Don’t let her fool ya-

This is for my dear friend Michelle!
She brought brownies to our kids school and told my daughter: don’t tell your mom I messed the brownies up because she’s like a great cook! Later on that day Michelle and I were texting and she told me about the brownies! My daughter said they were actually delicious, they just looked funny! Been there done that.

What makes this funny to me, the night before I decided to make a gorgeous raspberry cobbler.
 I did all sorts of things to that cobbler to make it tasty and the color of the topping was beautifully golden. It was a new technique.I burned 2 of my fingers. I tripped on the rug and just knew it was going to be a recipe worthy of sharing. I put a scoop of ice cream on the plate, dipped into that beautiful red color and plopped it on top of the vanilla ice cream. It looked divine. I blowed on the spoonful of steaming goodness and took a bite! UCK! GROSS! I looked around to see if anyone saw me spit it out and thought who made this crap, it’s disgusting!

The next day I saw a glass that said “I’m not perfect but I’m pretty darn close”!
 I laughed and laughed! My sister seriously didn’t think it was that funny. It was funny because sometimes, I think, man, I’m really good and then the “red barf cobbler” comes along, I have a bad run (I mean I didn’t do it), sleep pass the alarm, brake my foot goofing off, drive over a cement parking curb or forget to pack my daughters lunch.

At least Michelle’s brownies with delicious! Looks can be deceiving. My cobbler was pretty.



  1. Thanks for keeping it real. We all have those days!

  2. Ugh! Andrea's right - we've all been there. I tried making from-scratch pumpkin pie one year from a real pumpking. Burnt 7 fingers, ruined a pan, didn't know that not all pumpkins are the eating kind - - and TOTALLY forgot to add the sugar. It was awful!! We shouldn't beat ourselves up. I'd rather experiment in the kitchn and fail than make every meal out of a "just add water" kind of mix!

  3. Eesh! Good for you for having a sense of humor!


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