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So, way back when, feels like forever ago, I started running. It's been 1 year and 5 months since I decided that I would put my tennis shoes on and go for a run. My son at the time was only 8 months old and frankly I needed to lose weight! No, not because of my “baby” weight I gained with him. Poor babies why do we blame our habits on them, you see my blog I thoroughly enjoy cooking but because I’ve struggled with my weight for ever it seems like!
On that gorgeous spring day, Yes, I remember, one could not forget, I plopped him in that tiny umbrella stroller and I made it to the neighbors’ mailbox. At least it wasn’t mine. I did the walk, run cycle. It worked. I was sore. I complained. Everyday it was my routine for 30 minutes. Yes, only 30 minutes! I was out of shape and 30 minutes is all I mustard up. Before long I had ran a mile than 2. I stayed at 2 miles forever not pushing myself to go further. I remember just stopping when I was almost done, almost done I tell ya and looking at my sweet hubby and said, “I’m dyin”, “I don’t want to do this”! I never said I couldn’t because I knew I could. I was 197(there about )lbs when I came home with my son from the hospital, I had dropped 12 lbs because of a competition to lose weight between some friends, before the competition i droppped the 12 lbs because I was embarrassed to step on that scale and I had already upgraded from the neighbors mailbox to 2 miles. I knew I could do it. It was a bad day. I went and bought new running shoes. The next day I ran my first ever 3.2 in 33(? ) minutes. I was ecstatic. I was determined because like I said I knew deep down I could. It was a great accomplishment for me and proof that hard work truly does pay off. After that I signed up for a few races here and there and then decided to run in the St. Jude Half marathon.  I was sick on and off, all the rest of the year and this one with staph (which is no excuse). Training was hard and I kept it up for awhile. I began slacking and December was getting closer. Race day came. I ran. Not good. I stopped once with diarrhea it was awful. My amazing friends from out of town had also taken up running so they came in to run with me. My dear friend JB ran with us too! We made great memories of another one of my procrastination moments. It was fun and honestly if people wouldn’t had been expecting me at the finish the finish may have never came!
So I’ve ran here and there and I use those terms very loosely! I really love running though. Once I’m in a consistent routine, next to Jesus, it’s been the best thing for me. So here it is -August -and I’m thinking do I want to do that again. Summer’s not been pleasing to my hips (I’ll post our brownie recipe from last night, later, it was slap ya mama kind of good). The point is, I know I can do it. I did last year; I wouldn’t recommend it without proper training. Do I want to? Yep, but it’s going to take discipline, consistency and just get up and do it cus I have to kind of thinking. I’m ready to do it right this time. We won’t even mention my time last year but I did it. It was amazing seeing your friends and family rooting for you when you’re having a hard time rooting for your self.
So here we go again. Hopefully I can limit my brownie intake and be a good girl. I'm hoping the running will help wiht the hip problem. Faithfullness is the key! That goes for lots of things.
I’m not making any promises. The gals were running with are probably getting up getting ready, drinking their water and having some oatmeal. I’ve not even went to bed yet.

We will see what December brings.

I'll keep ya posted-if ya want?



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