Running for St. Jude-

So here we go with this procrastination problem I have! This is the time of year I signed up last year for the half marathon. Although it was getting full there was still plenty of room.

Well after a great run this morning and wanting to support my new running gal Christi I decided to log on and sign up. O my goodness, it's full!! I can't even sign up to raise money!!

 Here's a shout out: I'd love to run in the St. Jude half marathon if you can help me get the word out. I want to run because I ran last year as my first half marathon and now Christi needs someone to support her and if anyone knows how far a little support goes it's me.

 It’s awesome! -
Not to mention how absolutely blessed you've been by the wonderful families from St. Jude that endure so much daily and have woke up early to cheer you on. The amazing children and teenagers hold their hands out for encouraging as they high five you running by-WOW! It's a tear jerker. They're telling you not to quit and all you want to do is hug them all and tell them, No you don't quit! No, you don't give up! You're doing a great job, keep it up and you're stronger than I could ever imagine or hope to be.
It was life changing!

Please help get the word out. If someone you know has a spot and are unwilling to make it or need to drop out for some reason- I will buy your spot. I understand my name and time will not count. This is not important to me but to be there for my new running bud!

My dear friends came and supported me last year and I'd like to do the same. I really had no idea it would be full this early. Not to mention to help me get back in the rountine of running again!

 Please help!!


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