Sarah’s Enchiladas


Can you say...yum!

Boil Chicken- 4 Quarters
I prefer dark meat for its  flavor and tenderness.
4 Chicken breast can be used as well.

Cool and shred chicken
A great time saver is to boil and shred ahead of time.
Freeze and take out when you need it.
 Here's the easy smeasy part.
 Mix this tasty creme with the shredded chicken- so good!
(Of course don't forget to use a coupon when you grab this at the grocery!) 

 Add Cilantro! Super tasty-
About 3 tablespoons is what I use
I licked the spoon.

 Pour Green enhilada sauce in a dish for dipping.
2 cans

Like this-
After dipping in the wierd looking green sauce-
Fill soft taco shells with chicken mixture and wrap up.
Will make about 18-20
approx 2 packs of soft taco's

 Place enchilada's tightly in dish

\Unlike these-they are not tight enough :)
Thisis the example of what not to do-
but they're pretty...
 Add 1 can of red sauce on top
 Add 2 if you're a saucey eater.

Sprinkle tons of yummy cheese on top!
I like Mozzarella
- use what you like

 Add Cilantro on top to look pretty-
Bake 375 until bubbley and cheese is brown.
About 25 minutes

 Recipe: serves 8-10
4 chicken quarters or chicken breast
2 packs of soft taco's
2 cans green enchilda sauce
1 can red enchilada sauce
1 tub of  santa-fe philadelphia cooking creme
2 cups Mozzarella cheese
Cilantro-how ever much suits your fancy



  1. Hi Mandy! This Cris from Crissy's Crafts! I tried to send you an e-mail but the noreply-comment message! THANK YOU for following my blog and become the 300 follower!!Woohoo! Now I can do my giveaway!! I will mention your blog on my FB page! Do you have a FB fan page?

  2. Hey,thanks! No, I don't have FB fan page. I've only had my blog for maybe a week. I'm so new to this and so many mistakes but maybe I'll catch on quickly! Have a great day!!

  3. Yummy! I've been cooking recipes from my new favorite cookbook (happy birthday to myself early gift). Tonight we are having leftovers because my fridge can't hold another morsel. Enjoying the blog!

  4. Thanks mom! It's been fun. The enchiladas were so easy and good! Sarah refused to debone the chicken for me while I was doing Jessicas hair. She tried but it didn't work out. Love your pic!


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