Family Revamp-


This week I will have little time for blogging.

I will be putting all those recipe's aside I've been meaning to blog about for weeks now and half done craft projects are being put on hold!

I'll be breaking out the list, highlighters, clorox wipes, Murphy's oil soap & rubber maid containers for some serious organizing and Fall cleaning. When I opened my blinds up last week I seriously had an allergy attack from all the dust!

My son has outgrown his cute little t-shirts. They've turned into belly shirts!

 Should we even talk about my daughters closet and that she can no longer fit into *NOTHING* but one pair of shorts. :(

Sunday was a mess getting ready for church...

It's been almost a year since we've moved into our home and things are becoming...well slightly misplaced and unorganized. We've become comfortable and honestly, LAZY! :)

I will not give details on my closet... It's always been messy.

Before we moved into this home my hubby and I shared a closet. So when I had my very own I prided myself in being able to throw whatever whenever and have it as messy as I wanted when I wanted. I'm in need of a good cleaning now! I'm missing a few shoes and tops. I know there in that closet somewhere!

It's gotten way out of hand...

I went to a womens bible class about a year ago and there was an amazing mom that did a general family organizing lesson..
She was very detailed because she also homeschooled. I've had the idea to do my own since. I've done something similar for my coupon binder and it has been very handy (when I remember to use it!) hehe...

So here I am on no other better day than MONDAY, printing out some list and pages that will work for me and our family.

Making a Family Notebook Binder-

As a stay at home mom I realized I don't invest in certain things that I should. I'm sure we've all done it.
 I've found myself in a funk!

Wearing the same 'ole thing my style is shot - not what I'd like it to be... or who I visualize myself as.

When we "stay home", become a taxi service, the laundry mat, maid, cook and play outside all day for some reason sometimes we don't find it important to buy anything other than jeans. So getting it together for church last night (we're casual) I still wanted something nice-casual. Could'nt find a bloom'n thing. My daughter's shoe selection has decreased and she opted for a lesser quality flip flop. My sons shorts were a little snug.

BY THE WAY- my hubby that goes to work everyday looked very nice because he invest in nice attire. I'm sure some folks were curious who these straglers were that followed behind him! HAHA!

My point is -I don't notice these things are lacking until that one or two days a week we go out into the real world...

SO this mom is slowy but surely getting it together.

We will be having a family revamp!

It will not all get done this week or maybe even in a month but we will be headed in the right direction.

I believe learning discpline is one of the greatest gifts you can teach yourself in life. It sets the path for everything else.

Running for me has been a discipline setter! I havn't fully accompished it but am on a good track and routine has been set in place.

I will have in our family notebook several things to help our family run smoother.

Pages for all individual members of things needed.
Places for everyone to leave me comments on upcoming things that they will need and need to be done (before the day of)!
Bed times
 And much much more....

If I'm brave I'll take before and after photos of the organizing part!

I'm up for any advice, help, websites or things that's worked for your family!



  1. I have a notebook where we keep life organized! It's mainly to keep a weekly plan of everything that needs to be done. It really helps. Go check me out when you get a chance-

  2. Lol...this post made me giggle!
    I have 2 daughters, one of which is 19 and keeps her room pretty well.
    The 13 year old seems to be testing missiles in her room. I asked her the other day if her clothes hamper was okay. She asked me "yea why?" I said "cause it looks like it threw up all over your room!" :(
    She doesn't find me funny in the least bit,hmph.
    Last weekend was our combing through her room process. Took us only 3 full days!
    We also took out 2 large bags of trash:S

  3. Mandy you are not the only one who has a well dressed husband. I find my wardrobe blah and my kids desperately need clothes and shoes. LOL Your right about the rut thing. I'm deep in it. Can't wait to see your progress. I'm sure I will learn a thing or two.

  4. Hi everyone-I'm back! I didn't realize how much I've seriously missed blogging! Hoping to be posting soon!


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