Dollar tree door arrangement

Dollar Tree door arrangement:

Total price $13 + tax.
So, I've wanted an arrangement for my front door, since we moved in. I was browsing in one of our craft stores and decided I was going to make one. Ahh, my hubby happen to be with me, why we're we in the craft store together, I have no idea. It was a disaster. I should've seen it coming. So we left. End of story didn't buy anything.
Last week we were in the famous "Dollar Tree".
I love that store. It's fun.
I bought lots of flowers. Some tall for depth, some small, small big but a variety of all sizes. By this time everyone that had came with me was ready to walk home. I was being picky and it was taking a long time, to them.

The basket, yes also at the dollar tree where everything’s only a $1.00.
It was originally green but I'm more of a teal gal.
 So, I spray painted (already had some in garage from previous failures of projects) it lightly,
   some green could still be seen.
 Don't forget the foam to stick your flowers in. Yep, at the dollar tree.  
That's my Bella and Edward cup in the background-just thought I'd point that out.
It has nothing to do with the dollar tree or flowers.

Finished product. Not to shabby for $13 bucks.
It was dark. I do not claim to be a photographer.

It is now daylight.


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